12 July 2023

What does the term 'seed' refers in tennis?

In tennis, the term 'seed' doesn't refer to anything you'd plant in a garden. Instead, it's a term used to rank players in tournaments, based on their current skill and performance levels. Seeded players are often given certain advantages, like not having to face other seeded players in the early rounds. The idea is to ensure the best players make it to the final rounds of the tournament. So, when you hear about a player being the 'top seed' or the 'number one seed,' it means they're currently considered the best in the lineup.

6 May 2023

How many games are in a 5th set in tennis?

In tennis, the 5th set is the final and deciding set in a best-of-five match, usually played in Grand Slam tournaments and Davis Cup matches. The number of games in a 5th set varies, as it continues until one player has a two-game advantage over their opponent. In some cases, a tiebreaker is introduced after the players reach 6-6, like in the US Open, while other tournaments like Wimbledon and the Australian Open have adopted a final set tiebreak at 12-12. The longest recorded 5th set in tennis history had 138 games, during the 2010 Wimbledon Championships. Ultimately, the number of games in a 5th set depends on the stamina and skill of the players involved.