28 March 2023

Why isn't grunting illegal in women's tennis?

Women’s tennis is a sport that has been around for centuries, yet grunting remains an ever-present feature of the game. With some players’ grunts reaching over 100 decibels, it begs the question, why isn’t grunting illegal in women’s tennis? The answer lies in the game’s history and the difficulty of effectively regulating such an activity. Grunting has been an integral part of the game since the early days, and the International Tennis Federation (ITF) lacks the authority to impose such a ban. As a result, players are allowed to grunt without any consequences. This has been a point of contention among players, coaches, and fans alike, with some arguing that it gives certain players an unfair advantage. Ultimately, it is up to the ITF to determine the legality of grunting and bring some clarity to the issue.